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    Expert Internet Marketing Strategies

    Technology is changing the way we search.  The desktop is dying and has been surpassed by mobile devices and soon Google glasses and wearable devices. Be nimble. Adapt to change. Expert internet marketing strategies.
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    No Silver Bullet for Internet Marketing

    When it comes to internet marketing there is no silver bullet. Web design, mobile site, PPC, Local Optimization, Social Media and SEO need to work together to be successful online.
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    mobile marketing strategies

    The smartphone rules. If you site is not mobile it needs to be. Mobile traffic accounts for nearly 40% of all traffic and is growing. Your customers are looking at you on a mobile device. Get a mobile marketing strategy.
  • location based marketing

    Local Optimization and Social Media

    Local search and social media are more critical than you think. Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. are major drivers of organic traffic. We provide the strategy and foundation for the long-term.
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    Getting mobile, social and local

    Your customers are mobile, wireless and in the cloud. They are blogging, posting, tweeting, following, pinning, liking, etc. from a mobile or wireless device. Be in front of your customers no matter where they are. Expert Social and Local strategies




With over 60% of all search traffic being generated from smartphones and tablets - make sure your site is mobile ready!

mobile website design - responsive design

Over 61% of the U.S. population owns a smartphone.  The mobile device “smartphones and tablets are here to stay.  Mobile search has exploded and is growing every day.   If you don’t have a mobile site you are probably losing business.  We are at a tipping point and you need a mobile strategy or lose ground to your competition.  Without a mobile website

A Mobile Site may be your most important investment online.  With over 60% of all traffic coming from smartphones and tablets there is a very good chance you are losing business.  If you can’t find your business searching on your mobile phone neither can you customers.   If you can find your site and it doesn’t look good – customers won’t stick around.   The world is mobile – time to get with the program!

Mobile + Local & Social Media.  You probably already noticed that the world’s gone mobile.   Everything is done via wireless and on a tablet or smartphone.  Social media and local search are embedded in everything we do.  Searching on your mobile device displays results by “location and maps” and by “social interaction” which means your business needs a local and social presence to appear properly in online searches.   Customers use twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest, youtube, foursquare, yelp to search for products and services.  If your not mobile-centric they won’t find you.   Connect the dots – mobile, social and local.

Design Options.  Designing a custom mobile site is the easy and fun part.   We deliver custom mobile sites with every option at affordable rates.  Your mobile, web, social and local strategies will be synchronized.  Learn More>>



Social Media is critical to your online success. It's where your customers spend their time. Let's go where they are!

Social Media Options are Endless but are they all worthwhile for Business?
Social = $. Why are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google are worth a trillion dollars? Large number of social users equals advertising $. Hundreds of millions of users spend hours per day on social media interacting with friends, businesses, clients, family etc. Millilons of smartphones use facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, or instagram account to interact and share at a phenomenal pace.

Drinking from a Fire Hose. Getting started is the hard part. Social media seems daunting because there are too many options and it takes time and expertise to pull it together. There are 3 types of clients – the “do it yourselfers”, the “completely helpless” and the “collaboraters”. We can help everyone. We set up, implement and manage your entire social strategy. Posting, tweeting, pinning, blogging, sharing – it’s what we do.

Real Benefits of Social. Social media is no longer about “followers” and “likes” – that was 2013. Social has become a search engine optimization component in addition to connecting with current and future customers. Without it – you are not really playing the game. Blogs, Posts, Tweets, photos, links, etc. drive traffic from your social pages to your website and vice versa. The more targeted content the better the results.

Crawl, Walk and Run. Most clients are afraid of social media because they don’t get it. There are so many sites, options and not everything works but it’s critically important to your business and we can make sense of it on your behalf. We can show you how your investment will payoff in the long run.    Learn More >>   



Be sure that your business appears in every major business listing service, maps and search engine. Google, Yahoo, Bing..

Local Optimization - local search engine optimization
Who Remember the Yellow Pages?  Not us – today we “google” it.  We have so many choices when searching – google, bing, yahoo, maps, business directories, listing engines, search engines, local networks, Foursquare, Yelp, maps and more.  Finding your business online is no longer based on location. It’s based on how good you are getting your company listed.

Get Found. With thousands of options it’s mission critical that your business is listed everywhere.  It our job to make sure that you are listed everywhere it matters.

The Battle. Just being listed doesn’t insure website visitors or calls.  Your listing MUST be optimized for customers to find you.  Photos, videos, reviews, product descriptions, and on are required to attract customers. Without it – you are nowhere.

Local , Social, SEO.  Local listings include links back to your home page.  Properly optimized listing will enhance your overall internet health.   Connecting your local, social and website will result in overall web health and optimization.  Local connects social and results in positive SEO.  Call us – we can show you the way.  Learn more>>



PPC provides instant traffic to your website. Trackable and ROI focused - a great tool in generating sales.

Pay Per Click Advertising with Adwords, Bing and Facebook
Google-PartnerPay Per Click – Pay per click or PPC is very effective advertising.  It’s targeted and provides a clear return on investment no matter the budget.  It can provide instant web traffic, leads, calls and sales but building great campaigns is both “art” and “science”.  Our job is to make the phone ring, generate leads and ultimately sales.A Marathon not a sprint.  PPC options changes often and it takes time to get it right.  Even then you must continue to tweak and change – ads, bids, keywords.  It never ends.  We monitor, test, and retest.  Its a part of our DNA,

Crawl, Walk, Run, Sprint.  We take a methodical and practical approach to Search Engine Marketing.   PPC is one of many weapons we use for our clients in the internet marketing battle.  We start slow, gather metrics and build a foundation that we can grow from.  Many of our clients started with $500 dollar monthly budgets are now at $5000 per month because we were patient.

Local, Social, Mobile Integration.  With the majority of search conducted from a tablet or smartphone – campaigns must be customized for the phone and device.  Ads on the mobile device need to be different than on a iPhone or Tablet.  The migration and synergies for PPC must include your local, social and mobile strategies for 2014 and beyond.  Let us help you bring it all together.  Learn more >>



Search Engine Optimization is a critical tool in the foundation of your website and online efforts. Consider it for your business.

3 letters that say “We Like You!”  SEO, “search engine optimization” is technique used for enhancing your website to rank higher on search engines.  Getting a good rank on Google  means that they think your relavant and worthy of a high ranking.  SEO is both science and art.  It’s  a complex process that can yield significant results.Our Secret Sauce.  Our secret is using practical techniques that we know Google likes.   Content, Code and Social and Local techniques will ensure consistent and high rankings.  The combination of these things are the major ingredients and the foundation of SEO.   Your website needs to be fast, properly structured and contain relevant content to attain high quality scores with Google.  Our Process.  We take a holistic approach to SEO – it’s not just meta tags, alt tags, etc.   We dig into the innards of your website and industry to develop a strategy which includes:Website review:  Site Structure, Speed Loading, Content Review, Analytic’s Review

Strategy:  Industry Review, Competitive Analysis, Keywords, Content & Site optimization

Deployment:  Google Authorship setup, Keyword usage on pages, Writing title tags & meta descriptions, Linking internal pages, Analytics-driven usability improvements

Why Us?  We’ve built and optimized 100’s of websites.  We are experts at combining strategies that enhance SEO with local and social elements.   We offer affordable, effective programs to meet your goals and budget.   Learn More>>

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